Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Algebra 2 Accelerated Breakout Year End Review

I have been writing about my breakout that I created in Algebra 2, Accelerated for our end of the year review.  I didn't want to share it because I don't want the answers to be out there.  I have done it with my two groups for the year, so I guess I can share now.  I am going to share it as a google doc but you will have to request viewing privileges if that is okay.

Also, I made it way too hard.  The concession stand clue is supposed to be the easiest and quickest.  It involves logs and systems of 3 linear equations (not logs in the equations though).  It took too long and then they didn't have enough time to work with what was inside that box to get to the other stuff.

Also, when I made the QR codes of the carnival game problems, I uploaded them to google doc as pdf and then made the QR codes. It worked when some teams read them but not others.  Others, they couldn't see the equations.

So, I may need to freshen it up next year a bit before I use it again.

Here is it: Escape the Amusement Park!  
And part 2 has some papers that are landscape view:  Part 2

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