Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Baking - What do you wonder?

I did a little bit of holiday baking.

Here is the before picture - my supplies and my set up:

Here is the after.

What do you notice?  What do you wonder? 

Maybe these are some of your questions?

1.)  How many cookies?
2.)  How long did it take?
3.)  How many times did I have to wash my hands?
4.)  How many steps did I take (according to fit bit)?
5.)  How many eggs did I use?
6.)  How many types of cookies?
7.)  Why?

Here are some answers:

1.)  I made 489 cookies.
2.)  I started at 7:35 am and finished at 1:15 pm.
3.)  I washed my hands 12 times, not counting the number of times I washed the dishes.
4.)  Fit bit before and after:

They may not have been active minutes, but I sure am tired!  

5.)  The eggs were my limiting factor.  I usually run out of them.  These cookies took me 12 eggs.
6.)  I made 10 different types of cookies.
7.)  Why?  Because I like to bake and I bake for everyone - family, friends, the mail carrier, the deli people at the grocery store, my check out person at the grocery store, my front office at work, and my fellow math colleagues.

And, finally - all packaged up and ready to deliver:

Happy Baking!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thank you Desman!

We have 35 minutes today before our Thanksgiving Day break.  What a great day to try Desman.  It is so cool to watch the kids make a face and in the process think about what they have to do to get an equation to shift and how they can limit the domain or range.  Plus, as a teacher, you just give them a code and you can see all their work.  Here is a snapshot: