Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Providing Opportunities #mtbos30

The more I teach, the more I think of the teaching profession as providing opportunities - opportunities to learn and discover.  I just present them with different situations and they put it all together.

The same is true for our new school fishing club.  A young man went to the vice principal and asked to start a fishing club.  He was required to get 6 friends' signatures to show interest and to find a teacher willing to be the advisor, so I decided to help out.  I LOVE fishing!  I am at peace on the water, so why not?  I also found a community member who is retired from working at a sporting goods store and full of knowledge on all things fishing. 

We had an informational meeting and ten people came including two girls.  We had our first fishing outing last week and two kids came.  We didn't catch anything.  The weather in MA has been terribly cold so the water is still freezing and those darn fish are still sleeping.

We had a little more luck yesterday.  We are lucky to have a lot of lakes in our town so we went to a different spot yesterday and it was our first warm weather day in a long time.  Jeff is our adult community adviser.  He caught a perch and a pickerel.  I caught a perch, a sunfish, and a pumpkin seed.  We had 3 boys show up this time.  They didn't catch anything except the fishing bug!  We could have stayed all evening - just one more cast!

Jeff helped the kids out with their lures and it was a fun day.  I hope more kids come next week and I hope the fish start to get more hungry.

Before our outing yesterday, I ran to Walmart to get myself some worms.  He asked where I was fishing.  I told him and told him about our new fishing club.  Fishing clubs are not all that big here in New England but he was so excited for us.  He thought it was so cool.  I do too.  It is another great opportunity for all of us.

Here are some pictures.  You can see it was just a beautiful day!

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