Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A month in the life of a teacher in May #mtbos30

Thank you to #mtbos30, I blogged for the month of May.  Maybe not every day, but pretty close.  I am surprised I was able to keep it up.  Usually I am done, done, done, but it was nice to have something for me to focus positive energy on and sharing some good things that are still happening in school in May.  I like that I even reflected on two of the activities with a follow up blog post.  It looks like I missed 6 days, not bad.

It is June 1st.  We get out on June 17th, less than 3 weeks, we can do this!

If you want a shortcut synopsis to my posts, here you go:

May 1:  Okay, start tomorrow.
May 2:  Let's Do May
May 3:  Teacher Appreciation Video
May 4:  3-Act Leaky Faucet
May 5:  A Paper Crane Made My Day
May 6:  Stations for Rationals
May 7:  A Creative Saturday (post about creating a #breakout)
May 8:  Planning for the Spring
May 9:  no blog day
May 10:  Clothesline Desmos Art
May 11:  Providing Opportunities
May 12:  Find the Mistake
May 13:  MAD Mean Absolute Deviation
May 14:  Relay for Life
May 15:  no blog day
May 16:  Quizlet Live
May 17:  Collecting Data with Paper Airplanes
May 18:  School Year Winding Down
May 19:  Follow Up Paper Airplane Data
May 20:  To Be Continued..aka my favorite problem
May 21:  My Baby is 15
May 22: Day off
May 23:  Seniors in Youth Group
May 24:  A Follow Up to MAD May 13th Post
May 25:  A Bus Fun Folder
May 26: too busy
May 27:  The Final Countdown
May 28: beach day
May 29:  Every Wave
May 30:  #Breakout
May 31:  Breakout Responses
Bonus May 31 Post: The Actual Link for Breakout

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