Monday, May 16, 2016

Quizlet Live #mtbos30

If you haven't given Quizlet a try, it is a great time as most of us are moving into year end review. 

If you checked Quizlet out a while ago, go back and check.  It is even better!

I think Quizlet was first known as a site to create flashcards for learning vocabulary.  Now, there is a quizlet live feature - think Kahoot or Quizizz but with its own little twist.

You don't have to set up a class but you can if you want.  You can search many already created Quizlets.  My colleague found a great set of 21 cards with solving trig equations.  Find your set and get started by giving your students the class code.

Quizlet will automatically put your students into groups of 4.  You should have them physically move and group themselves together.  They will be presented with a multiple choice question.  However, each student will have 3 different answer out of a possible 12 answers.  It is helpful if all 4 kids can see all 4 screens to see the answer.  It is timed, but they quickly learn that slow and steady is better because when they get one wrong, they are bumped back to zero - bummer! 

This method is tricky at first but then they get used to the different screens and can focus on the work itself.  There were some great conversations about each problem.  I really loved it and so did they.  I get to do it again next period!

Give it a try!

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