Saturday, May 7, 2016

A creative Saturday #mtbos30

My morning started off not too great as I woke up early to take my Junior son to take his SATs but he couldn't find his wallet.  We torn the house upside down to no avail, even called and woke up the friend whose car he was last in to see if it fell into the car.  Nope, it fell out at Chipotle.  So, he didn't take the SATs today.

I zumba'd my anger off and came home and got creative.  I finished a sewing project up so I can finally get my sewing machine off my dining room table.

And, then I started my Accelerated Algebra 2 breakout for June after our last test but before final exams.  I created one for our church youth group and it was so fun for me to create and then fun to watch the kids do it.  I do get a little too convoluted in my thinking though.  I am trying to keep this one more straightforward so my colleague can recreate it.  I can't give too much away but I started with a 100% charge on my computer and it is now down to 54%.  I still have a lot to go (as I am watching The Sixth Sense and getting distracted).

It is "Escape from the Amusement Park".  I have 4 kids shooting the basketball at the basketball game with different parabolic information given to try to figure out who gets it in the hoop.

I have three bumper cars traveling in ellipses and we will need to find out when all three hit.

There will be a rollercoaster that is a polynomial.

There will be a ferris wheel with a trig equation.

There will be a concession stand problem where they buy 3 different things and need to figure out the prices.

There will be 5 games that will lead to QR codes with a mix of problems (maybe logs and trig)

I even used desmos so one of them leads to a desmos code.  I had to make another code to get to the desmos code. 

It is a ton of work but I hope they enjoy it.

Oh, one thing I learned is that if you google your name with name like "Jennifer name" you can find cool clip art like this one:


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