Sunday, May 29, 2016

Every Wave #mtbos30

I did not get to blog yesterday (Sat, May 28th) because I was at the beach all day then a concert.  It was in the 90s at home but at the beach, it was beautiful! 

I LOVE water - lakes, rivers, ocean, whatever! Put me at the water and I am in heaven.  I will walk, swim, float, read, nap, eat, fish....just be. 

I can't resist running along the ocean.  I woke up early and went for a run with the seagulls yesterday at the ocean.  The view was calling me.

Then my friend and I got our chairs set up and spent the day there.  We walked and hunted for seaglass.  I had some good finds including my prized, rare blue seaglass.  We also look for flat, thin, smooth black rocks which we found. 

In New England the ocean water is usually "not too bad" or "not numbing".  Yesterday, it was not too bad.  I didn't swim but plenty of people were.  I normally would but we were going to a concert later and I knew I wouldn't be able to shower first.  I did walk in the water a bit.  Normally, I love to go out beyond where I can reach and just float.  I am often the person the lifeguard has to blow the whistle out because I am too far, but I just love it. 

As I was walking and hunting, I couldn't resist taking this picture created by the waves.  It reminds me of veins.  I love how every wave reveals something new.  On my walk up the shore, I will find some cool stuff but by the time I turn around, things will be different due to the waves tumbling new things into my path. 

Thank you ocean for my unofficial start to summer.  I can't wait to see you again soon.

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