Friday, May 6, 2016

Stations for Rationals #mtbos30

I have done these stations in years past and like the mix and getting the kids vertical.

I call it Noah's Ark Review because they are supposed to do 2 at each station.  It is appropriate after a week of rain.

Stations Review for Rational Functions

I have station 1 at the window with practicing graphing rational functions.  (Algebra 1)

I have station 2 at the back board with solving rational equations.

Station 3 is on a side table with 1 die.  The students toss the die to get two numbers, one for x and one for y.  They are told y varies inversely with x.  Then, they toss it one more time.  This is a new X value.  Find y.

Station 4 is at a group of desks with 1 die and it is word problems.  One is a work problem and one is a distance = rate times time problem.  They toss the die to make their problems. 

Station 5 is at my favorite little green table with little white boards found a while back at Target and a coin that has written on it a multiplication sign and a division sign.  The kids pick four boards.  Put one over another to create fractions, then flip the coin to see if they have to multiply or divide. 

Station 6 is at a group of desks with a coin and colored paper with rational expressions.  The pick one of each color (there are two colors) and then flip a coin with a plus and minus written on it to make their own problems.

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