Thursday, May 12, 2016

Find the Mistake #mtbos30

The tables are turned today as my Accelerated Algebra 1 students are grading a fake test on radicals and rationals and trying to find the mistake in each one.  They need to find the mistake and circle it.  They need to then make the correction, provide feedback, and decide how many points to take off. 

Here is the worksheet.

I love when they get to #6 and write "they killed a puppy".  But, I do get a little scared when they can't find the mistake in #6. 

They are also realizing how long it actually takes to grade a paper.  I remind them that I have 50 of them to grade.  One student said, "I feel sorry for you because I always zig zag with my work."  Yup.  They also are harder graders than I am. 

Hopefully they won't make these mistakes tomorrow.

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