Thursday, May 19, 2016

Follow Up Paper Airplanes - Data #MTBoS30

The other day I posted about Julie's idea of collecting data to analyze by throwing paper airplanes.  It took an entire hour to have 6 kids throw their planes five times, but we got some data to analyze. 

Here was our agenda for today's class.  They also had this on a handout for them to write on.

That was a good day when I had 6 class in this small mixed math class.  Today, I had 3 kids (it met first period of the day).  I made a table of each student's throw data.  They found each of their averages.  I asked what they noticed.  We didn't have anyone throw in the 7 meter range. 

Then, I asked them to put all 30 data points in an ordered list.  That was a lot to ask, but we did it.  We found the mean, median, mode, and range and I asked what they noticed about each.  Interestingly, our mean was 7.52 meters even though we didn't have anyone who threw in the 7s. 

We created a frequency chart together with me drawing it at the board and the kids doing it at their desks.  We talked about why I chose these intervals. 

Next, we made a histogram, stem and leaf plot, and a box-and-whisker.  Three kids and three graphs, how convenient.  We drew these together on their own sheet and once we knew they were correct, I had them to draw them on the board.  Then, we did some more noticing. 

Here is their work:

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