Wednesday, May 18, 2016

School year winding down #mtbos30

I am thankful for this #mtbos30 challenge because it is encouraging me to write each day which requires me to maybe do something worth blogging about.  It is also allowing me to reflect at the end of the school year.  I tend to blog in September when everything is fresh and pretty and I am still full of energy.  It will be interesting to look at my posts a year from now and see where I was and hopefully how far I have come.

In September, I am getting ready for the year ahead.  Now, I am getting ready for the school year to end.  Don't get me wrong, I am not as close as many of you.  We get out on June 17th, so a full 4 more weeks but that is early for around these New England parts.  I do like being a little behind most of you folks so I can borrow your stuff. 

People have been posting on Twitter about their end of the year surveys.  I gave one last year and it was just okay, but I have since found some great things to add to mine to make it better. 

I really liked Meg Craig's ideas here and Julie's ideas here.  Thanks for sharing.  I am not going to share mine yet because I will wait until I get the results and do that in one blog post.

It is that time of year where I am wrapping up with reviews, quizzes, reviews, tests, reviews, final exams.  Throw in prom this Friday plus state testing in Math and Biology and we are very broken up but it will all get done.  I need to work on my Accelerated Algebra 2 final exam.  I love tweaking tests and updating them, editing them, taking them for time, and just getting them what I hope is perfect.

So, off to work on just that.

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