Sunday, May 8, 2016

Planning for the spring #mtbos30

The problem with being creative yesterday afternoon into the night is that my brain was swirling.  I had a hard time falling asleep, dreamt about my breakout box, and woke up thinking about all I had to do.

Having a lot to do means I need to delegate too.  This is a "light" spring for me but still pretty busy.

Tues, May 10th - fishing club.  The rain will stop and it will finally be 70, hopefully we will catch something this time.  I asked our team captain to email the team and remind them.

Thursday, May 12th - Son#2 comes home from college :)

Friday, May 13th - Relay for Life.  I am on the committee so I will be up all night helping out and that means sleeping all day on Saturday, May 14th.

Sunday, May 15th - Son #1 will run a triathlon sprint in town, and I will go cheer him on.  My cross country team will volunteer at it, so I need to email those reminders out.

Sunday, May 15th in the evening - I help with Youth Group and we will have our end of the year get together - Sundaes on Sunday, so I need to write up the grocery list and ask an adult to shop.  I will come up with the games we will play.

Thursday, May 19th - Son #3 and I will go into Boston to serve at a homeless shelter.  I love spending this time with him.

Friday, May 20th - Son #4's 15th birthday so out to dinner.  Also, Son #3's Junior prom but he decided not to go.  I will go to the school and help out with the Grand March.

Saturday, May 21st - cookout for Son #4's birthday - means shopping, cooking, and cleaning before and after.

Sunday, May 22nd - Baccalaureate mass and dinner for seniors at our church.

 Early June - breakout box for Algebra 2 - prepare, copy, plan, get locks and boxes ready to play

June 3rd - graduation and then some grad parties in June.  My niece is graduating!

Thursday, June 9th - Mission meeting - our youth group is heading to Appalachia, WV by bus on June 26th.  I need to get ready for the meeting with some prayers, songs, icebreakers, and activities.

Week of June 26th - Mission Trip to WV, need to do so much planning for this!

I say this is a "light" spring because next spring Son#2 graduates from college, Son#3 graduates from high school, and Son#4 turns 16 and gets his driver's permit.  So, I am trying to enjoy this spring.

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