Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Student Survey Results

I am often glad that we are usually a week behind most schools in the #mtbos because I get to use their ideas.  I did this for my end of the year student survey.

Some of the things I learned from the survey: 

  • I shouldn't use red marker to write the agenda on the board.  It is too hard to see from the back.  This is an easy fix.
  • Most popular "favorite activity" was the Breakout box.
  • Hardest thing to learn was logs.
  • They feel they really learned trig well this year.
  • They like the way I use review games.
  • They think I should spend less time going over homework.  This will be something I think about how I will approach.
  • The most popular one word answer to describe my class was "engaging".  I am good with that.
  • The advice they would give to next year's students is to do their homework, it really helps (see below)
  • This one makes me happy.  I like to be organized and I am glad the students notice.

  • Lots of discussion on homework on twitter lately.  I do assign homework nightly.  I believe they need the practice.  I think they agree:

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