Friday, June 17, 2016

It's a wrap - this year and next year...

Last day of 2015-2016 school year.  It flew by but it was a good one.  Here's to my 12th year of teaching coming this fall.

One of the new things I did this year that I liked was my desk arrangement.  I had them in groups of four or five. I do new seating charts each month, so it also means new work groups each month.  I feel it built the idea of asking a student first before me.  I heard so many great discussions and debates.

I await fresh new ideas for the classroom on twitter to be posted.  What will it be?

What greatness will I learn at TMC16 to bring back to my classroom?

Things I would like to do/need to do for next year:
  • Update all my accelerated algebra 2 quizzes and tests (made quiz 1 and 2 last week!)
  • Update my accelerated algebra 2 assignment sheets (just made 10 out of 20 (10 questions each) this week! - now to actually do them all)
  • Add some fun gifs to my lessons
  • Teaching a new course called Foundations of Algebra (alg 1), so I need to work a lot on this
  • Build in more SAT/SAT Math 2 stuff to prep the kids for that
  • Make a new diagnostic benchmark for Algebra 1
I do enjoy making assessments, so I have already redone quiz 1 and 2 for Alg 2. They are ready to go.
Exams are done and graded.  My room is all packed up.  I am ready to be done.  Another year is in the books.

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