Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finals Week

No, not the 3-Act by Dan Meyer but that's a great one.

I woke up this morning with 5 blog posts in my head and it is school day 177.  Hopefully I can get it all out on "paper" and be done with it.

It is finally Finals Week.  I am not complaining.  We are getting out early.  We had two snow days and we are still done on June 17th, wahoo!  The cool June weather is helping too.  Kids aren't too off the wall and still focused.  We made it through the spring without any dripping, melting super hot days.

It is a busy week with lots of fun happenings.

Monday - yesterday, we had Exams 1 and 2 followed by a great lunch provided by the PTA.  Thank you to the HPTA, so yummy!

Tuesday - today, we have Exams 3 and 4 followed by Chocolate Wonder at 1 pm.  This is something the art department started a few years ago and we teachers really look forward to it.  We have some amazingly talented art students who create a lot of work from photography, to computer designed pictures, to ceramics, to scarfs, who knows...but they don't take it all home.  The art teachers set it all out for us to browse and take home.  Add to it chocolate - everything you can image - chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries, oreos, cake, brownies, cookies, candy bars.  It is a good afternoon.  And, we get to take home a nice piece of art.
 After school, I am off to donate blood.

Wednesday - Period 5 and 6 exams followed by our school teacher cookout.  The teachers all sign up and bring food in.  We chip in $2 to buy the burgers, hot dogs, and drinks.  It is a great get together.

Thursday - Period 7 exam and then our freshmen and sophomores travel to Six Flags.  We have time to finish grading and pack up our rooms.

Friday - Make up exam time if anyone was sick, clean up our rooms.  Then, we have our annual teachers' golf outing.  We play 9 holes scramble style.  My whole family golfs, but I only golf once a year, this Friday.  I am not good, but I like driving the cart.  We have lunch with it, then go to a teacher's house after golf for a get together.  And, it is a nice wrap up to the school year.

Saturday - The Timlin 5K Road Race to raise money for ALS.  Why not round it all out with a road race?

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