Friday, March 15, 2013

ZAP - a review game

Kids love a good review game, but not so much when it is always the quickest or the smartest kids or team of kids always winning.  I tell the kids I do like review games because the material has been taught and we do want to try and do it a little more quickly so it is more automatic, but we still want to be able to go over the problems and learn from them in order to prepare for the quiz or the test.

In comes, ZAP.  I found this online at a few different places so I don't really know who to give credit too.  I will include the directions here:  ZAP review game instructions

Basically the premise is the students work in groups to answer any kind of review questions and the first team to answer correctly gets to pick a number 1 - 16.  Behind it are some instructions, some that have position effects (double your score)  and some with negative effects (ZAP your score - which means you are down to zero).  With the ZAP board playing with the scoring, you never know which team will actually win.  There are some funny directions in their too. 

Here is my beautiful ZAP board I made with library envelopes from (nice and cheap and oh so cute!)

I wrote the directions on index cards and inserted them into the envelopes.


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