Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inviting my friends - making my blog roll

I started my "Creating Rich Technology" class today and we are starting with two ideas - making a blog and creating a diigo.  I have started both.

I started my blog last night and after today's class, I learned how to add the blog list.  I feel like I have invited my friends.  Now, all I have to do is come to my own blog to do all the reading of new posts.

Two things I still need to learn:
1.) How to move my blog roll below my profile. 
2.) How to sort of "promote" my new blog so people will actually find me and read me.

One of the questions we had in class today was: who is our audience.  Most people chose either their students or the parents as their audience.  I want mine to be other math teachers.  I love reading other math teachers' posts - ideas, kid's funnies, links, books they are reading, new activities, etc.  I want to learn!

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