Friday, March 15, 2013

The End of a long week

We came off of a snow day from last Friday and had to try to rearrange stuff this week.  Then, Wednesday was an early release, but man, it was a long week.

Next week, the sophomores will take the MCAS and I will be proctoring, so it is a weird choppy week.

I am taking two classes and starting tutoring one student, plus all my other regular family and life stuff.  I am at the point where I just need to take a step back, breathe, and prioritize.

First, it is Friday, yeah!  I gave three tests today and I usually grade them right away as another class is taking them, but I really needed to prep lessons for next week.  I like to be prepped a week ahead of time but with two out of three new preps this week, it isn't possible.  So, I prepped at school, then came home and corrected for 2 hours.  Note, I said corrected.  I didn't put them together for a grade yet, but that will be the easy part.

The sophomore Algebra II honors students have just wrapped up their chapter on Logs.  Unfortunately, it was way too choppy with midterms, vacation, and snow days.  Overall, they seem to get it, but they weren't as solid as I would have liked.  Next, we move onto Rational and Radicals.  It is all straight skills and I hope they get it.

My Algebra I C2 kids have started rules of exponents.  I opened both classes with a discovery I found online (but now, I can't remember where I found it from).  It was basically on expanded form and "discovering" the rules for multiplying and dividing powers.  They struggled at first "I can't do this", "this is stupid", "this is impossible", but then they got it so by the time I recapped and put it together into the rules, they got it.  I only hope something sticks in their brains over the weekend.

And, my Algebra I Accelerated kids have started the chapter of quadratics which I just wrapped up at the end of last term with my Honors Algebra II kids (because old Alg 2 basically becomes new Common Core Alg 1).  So, it is good that I can use a lot of my old Algebra 2 stuff.  It is a little different order in the book we are using, but again, I think the kids are getting it and I hope they retain it over this weekend.

My weekend - well, my two youngest boys have a bar mitzvah all day tomorrow, my second son is working all day, and my oldest is in CA, so hopefully my husband and I will actually get to do something :)  

Next thing to learn about blogging: how to post links to my activities or upload them (not sure which).

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