Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Advisory

We have advisory at our school.  We meet with 10-12 kids each Thursday morning.  The idea is that these students have at least one adult in the building to connect with besides a teacher.  They are randomly grouped into their advisory groups and it is interesting to see them blend together over their four years in high school.  This is my eighth year of teaching so it is my second group graduating.  With this group, I wanted them to see their progress, so I had them write letters to themselves once at the beginning of each school year and once at the end.  I typed up a fill-in-the-blank letter for them to fill out each time.  I also took a few group pictures.  I wanted to be able to give them their letters when they graduate and I love to scrapbook, so I put the two ideas together and each of my 10 students will get a small scrapbook.  I have the six boys done and I will be moving onto the girls' books once I buy more tape.  They aren't totally complete.  I need to add one more group senior picture, one more end of the year senior letter, and then a decorated page so they can add one of them at graduation. 

I figured out how to make a Picasa slideshow so I am going to embed it here.  Hopefully it will work.  I did block out the student's name expect for on the front page. 

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