Friday, March 15, 2013

Figuring out Blogger

My two goals were to figure how to put multiple pictures on my blog.  That was easy, just hit the picture button and upload from your computer.  Thanks Blogger!

I also wanted to figure out how to upload or link to my word documents so I could actually share my activities.  I had to google it, but I figured it out.  I will try to explain it here for my TechRich Classmates:

1.) Upload your word document to google docs (go to google drive, click on upload file and find your file to upload)
2.)  Click on share and change it so that it is "Public to the web" and hit done
3.)  Now click on the link of the name of your doc in google docs and this will take you to its webpage in the "cloud".  Right click on the web address and copy.
4.)  Start writing a new blog in Blogger and when you are at the part where you want to include your link to your document, click link up in the menu bar. 
5.) Put the cursor where it says URL and paste the website of your document. 
6.) Click on "text to display" and delete all that junk.  Change it to a more descriptive title.
7.)  Click the box that says "open in a new window."
8.)  Click the blue text that says "test this link".  And, voila, it should open your word document.
9.)  Finish up your blog and hit save, then publish it! 

Nice job - in less than 10 steps!

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