Monday, March 11, 2013

Diving into the Mathblogosphere!

Take 1:

I have been reading math blogs for over a year now.  I have my favorites (just to name a few):
  • Dan Meyer @dy-dan and his Three Acts (I get to meet him in April!)
  • Brian Marks and his classroom activities (met him in Dec)
  • I use @StatTeacher as an RSS feed to get my new blog updates
  • @MissCalculuate has the coolest name and math ideas
  • Kate Nowack @function-of-time is so cutting edge
I think these are my top favorites.  I follow them on Twitter too.  I think it is such an opportunity when a lot of us math teachers are teaching the same thing during the same week across the boards and we can share ideas. 

I haven't had a blog yet, so no way to comment on their blogs, but I have a notebook at my desk where I write down lots of innovative ideas.  Then, I try them and I want to share my input and findings and how I may have changed their idea to work with my students.  Now, I hope to have that opportunity.  After reading math blogs every day, I know what I like - ideas, methods, and pictures - along with what worked and what didn't, so I hope to incorporate all these great things into my own blog.  (I also love just a touch of personalization, lots of updates, and corny math jokes)

I will try my first picture.  This was a cut and paste activity on why factoring the difference of two squares works: 

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