Thursday, March 21, 2013

Speed Dating: Rational Style

This has been a crazy few weeks with snow days and state testing.  I teach three Algebra II classes in a row but they have all been affected differently.  So, my period 2 class got the extra time to do the speed dating idea from Kate Nowak's site: Speed Dating

I did it before and remembered it being a little chaotic, so I didn't set my expectations high.  Therefore, it went better than anticipated. 

Here is the worksheet of multiplying and dividing rational expressions.  Speed Dating with Multiplying and Dividing Rationals

Basically, the kids get white boards and put their desks facing each other.  I give a little piece of paper with one problem to each student to simplify.  They have to become an expert at their problem, meaning they need to do it until they get it right and check it with the teacher.  This is the chaotic part with 26 kids trying to get my attention.  (numbered problems and a clear answer key will help speed this up).  Once they are all experts, the fun can begin.  The students trade papers with the person across from them and try to work out the problem.  They are to ask the expert if they got it right.  A lot were still asking me and I told them to ask their partner.  From here it was pretty self sufficient.  Once the students were done with that problem, one row shifted and they had a new partner and a new problem.

The kids enjoyed it.  I took one picture without them knowing, but then they caught on and posed.

A little fun after a morning of state testing.


  1. They are so cute when they start to pose! I guess it's time I try Kate's speed dating. (Kate does say to put the answer on the back of the question though.) I like the "huddle" idea that someone suggested on Kate's post. Thanks, Jennifer.

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