Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Snow Day #6 and my to-do list

We have our 6th snow day of the school year.  We are already going to June 28th.  I wonder what magical day they will pick for us to work.

Once I knew it was a day off, my brain went into action and started my to-do list. 

My to-do list is a 5 subject spiral notebook on my home desk.  I write everything I need to do in it.  I like the notebook because then I don't have a million little pieces of paper everywhere.  Also, I can refer back to about a year prior and find phone numbers, email address, packing lists, etc.  And, a little secret....sometimes I will do things first, then add them to my list just so I can have the satisfaction of then checking them off.  Yep, a little crazy.

My best friend and I are very different.  When she asks me how was a day off or a vacation, I always say it was great and list off the millions of things I have done.  For her, a good day off is doing nothing and relaxing.  I feel better when I am doing, but don't get me wrong, I love to snuggle up on the couch and catch up on some tv.  Too bad I finished up with Downton Abbey already.  And, I forgot to go to Red Box for a new movie.

I just can't figure out how to turn it
Here's a picture of our snow: 

Here's a snapshot of my to-do list:
1.) write a blog entry
2.) take my Google class
3.) make the boys pancakes
4.) read my in-house class work
5.) update my lesson book
6.) enter my grades online for the month
7.) find a good online game for my algebra I kids to practice exponents so I can post it to edmodo and they can play it today.  I will make a "snowy exponent" badge and award it if I see them playing it.
8.) help my son with his own science homework
9.) shovel (of course, another family shoveling day, it is a pretty funny time)
10.) figure out how to change a pdf file into a writable form for my son's scholarship forms
11.) scrapbook for my son's high school book because he is graduating in June
12.) catch up on dvr tv shows and knit
13.) hit the gym when the snow ends
14.) and maybe clean something around the house

I will take a picture of our snow to add above and then I can check #1 off my to do list.

Have a good snow day.  (it is 6:06 am)

It is now 8:08 (a great time of day, I am uploading my pic and sharing this post and I can check off number 1, 2, 3, 7, and part of 12 -done while watching tv)

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