Friday, March 22, 2013

2 Low Tech Quadratic Review Activities

We are getting ready for our quiz on the first half of the Algebra I Quadratic chapter.  I did a 3 part review in class today.  We started with an A/B review, then did 2 webs, then a review packet.

I learned about the A/B review a few years ago at an NCTM conference.  I have popsicle sticks, one with a red A and one with a blue B (color coding helps me tell the difference too).  I made 10 quick review questions that are multiple choice with two possible answers - A or B.  The idea is that it isn't an in depth, thoughtful review activity, but more of a quick, more automatic dipstick, provide quick feedback kind of review.  I tell them yes or no as they hold up their stick.  My ppt is here:  PPT with A/B review questions  Some of the math symbols didn't come through, but you get the idea.  The kids like it.  And, I get an idea of what the kids are and aren't understanding.

Next up, we did two webs.  I gave them a quadratic equation in the middle of the paper and asked them to tell me anything they could about it.  One side was in standard form, the other in vertex form.  I let them brainstorm the first and then slowly put it on the board.  By the time we did the second one, they were fighting to get to the board first to write their idea.  Here is the worksheet:  Web - Vertex Form Quadratic

Here is what the kids did on the board from the standard form web (worksheet was upload with equation):

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