Tuesday, August 1, 2017

#TMC17 Post 8: My Takeaways

#TMC17 Post 8: My Takeaways

Phew!  I blogged for a bit after my run on Monday.  I have been blogging, airdropping pictures, and adding links for 2 hours today and my computer is at 10% so I am going to have to get up and get my charger but I just need to get all this goodness "on paper" and out of my head.  Once it is out of my head, then I will have clarity and the foam will rise to the top.

As I am taking my colored notes on the right page of my notebook, I flip it over and write highlights on the left page.  These are things I need to stand out so I will remember to use them.  Here are some of my "side notes":

I attended a Desmos preconference session by Annie Fetter.  I loved watching and listening to her teacher moves.  She was not familiar with the new Desmos Geometry tool but she stepped right in to offer us a lesson.  I will use this in my geometry class on transformations.  I love that she started with the more restrictive first - construct a square and then to the rectangle.  Really important when working the program and constructing to make sure as soon as you connect two pieces, you drag it around all crazy to make sure it is the construction you want.  A lot of mine "broke" but I stuck with it.  So cool!

I want to use Deltamath more.  I have used it and it has a lot to offer in terms of practice and providing detailed feedback.

I loved Sam Shah's #1 and Undorkably Shy buttons.  I am thinking about making Math Team buttons.

Instead of a "Do Now", call it a "Try Now".

Take more pictures of student work to use with students and on my blog.

Check out George Mason Complete Center

Give crayons out

Look into participation quizzes to "teach" how to work in groups.

Check out David Petro's website for the mini dynamic sketch lessons.

Saw a quote on the back of a tshirt that might be perfect for our Math Team's shirt: "Not everything that can be counted counts.  Not everything that counts can be counted." ~ Albert Einstein

Try to fit in 36-72-72 triangle.

I like to present, so find more times to present.  I like doing math in presentations so add that to them.

(6% on computer, charger added)

Have students analyze worksheet problems.

Check out 100 Factorial puzzles and add to my bulletin board.

Check out Play with Your Math and add to Geometry.

Add Clothesline to Geometry -->  My #1TMCthing this year!

Have students create marbleslides.

Other miscellaneous thought, pictures, and thank yous:

I will find a way to get to Cleveland next year.

Thank you to Kathy, Anna B, and Lisa B for finding the river trail to run on:

Thank you to everyone who offered Kathy and I a ride.  We are so grateful!

Thank you to the hotel shuttle and the school shuttle.

Thank you to the TMC leaders who planned a terrific conference and we appreciate everything you do!

I think that is the end of my Scrapbook Story.  If you made it this far, thank you!



  1. Looking forward to talking with you about clothesline math--this is my 3rd 1TMCthing (contradictory, I know, but hey!)

    What's up with "(6% on computer, charger added)"? I don't understand this.

    This is a great "capture" of learning. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer.

  2. That was just a side note that at the type of typing my computer battery was only at 6% and I had to get up and add a charger.