Tuesday, August 1, 2017

#TMC17 Post 2: My Traveling and Touring Tuesday

#TMC17 Post 2: My Traveling and Touring Tuesday

My colleague, Kathy, and I were up at 3:15 in the morning on Tuesday to travel to Atlanta.  My son was also up to drive us to the bus to then get the plane.  He wasn't happy but I am thankful.  We arrived in Atlanta around 9:30 am.  We met up with Mary Williams.  We were all new to Lyft and I got the app and ordered Todd.  He was surprised to see the 3 of us and our big pieces of luggage for his little Toyota Corolla.  He asked us to stuff 2 pieces in the front seat and wasn't sure what to do with the third.  He opened his truck and it was full of stuff.  Why is he a Lyft driver?  Kathy rearranged and made it work.

We were too early to check in but left our bags there.  I stupidly decided to take my heavy backpack with me and had to lug it around all day.  We had tickets to do the World of Coke at 1 pm and the Georgia Aquarium at 4 pm.  It took us about 1.5 hours to get there.  Yes, our hotel was in Atlanta and these were in Atlanta.  Atlanta is huge!  We had to take the hotel shuttle to the mall.  We were supposed to then take a bus to the train but luckily the shuttle driver had to go by the Marta (train) so he drove us there.  We took 2 trains and then got above ground only to figure out we had to walk another mile to Coke!

We stopped in Centennial Olympic Park and had lunch at Googie Burger because we liked the name.  It was just a burger.

Next, we finished our walk and met up with a crew that was already there for the Coke Tour.  It was so cool.  I highly recommend it.  My brother lives on Coke, so I bought him a shirt.  Yep, no souvenirs for my kids or husband, but my brother.  I bought a pencil to add to my pencil collection.  We had lots of picture opportunities, went into the vault where the secret recipe is, watched a couple feel-good movies about Coke, saw how it was bottled, and then could taste up to 100 different Cokes from around the world.  So cool!


Onto the Aquarium.  I wasn't going to do it because I have been to the Boston Aquarium, but my friend, Diane, told me I HAD to go and she was right.  It was all that.  We saw a full dolphin show, a cute lion show, and walked through an arched glass way under the fish tank with so many cool fish swimming above us.  Heather and I climbed into the penguin pen and took a picture too.




We had dinner there and then went back to the hotel to check in, meet my mentee, Benjamin, and play some games.  A great, long first day.

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