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#TMC17 Post 4: My Favorites, PM Presentations, and Keynotes

#TMC17 Post 4: My Favorites, PM Presentations, and Keynotes

Note: This one really should be separated into 3 different posts but I wanted to keep all my posts to 8.  I will try to be short here but there are a lot of pics.  Also note, I am usually a spelling geek but man, I made some spelling mistakes.  Sorry.

My Favorites:  I really think these are my favorites.  It is a 5 or 10 minute presentation about something favorite from the year.  They give us a taste of greatness. 

Thursday PM:
Lisa: Thursday Lunch
Sam: Ring the bell when you feel joy in math class
John: Who is the MTBos and all the ways you can search us
Mattie: DeltaMath for math practice:

Friday AM:
Here I was supposed to present 2nd but my computer choose to freeze, so I spent Tony's trying to get mine to work, then someone went and I missed them, then me, so no notes, and then Karim on Greece, but I was just breathing after my presenting:
Tony: Distraction box in the classroom
Me: 2 uses for Google Slides see My Presentations here
Karim: Greece

Friday PM:
David Petro: Geometer's Sketchpad and his site: engaging-math.blogspot.ca with cool dynamic web sketches.  I am going to be using this in Geometry this year!
Joel Bezaire: Tinkerplots
Pam Wilson: Make a Difference Monday - find and read articles of good stuff kids are doing = 5 Fingers

Saturday AM:
Jonathan: Let's Buy a House: Adulting Project
Kat Glass: Group student interventions
Bob Lochel: how-old.net - give it a try, collect data and analyze it


Saturday PM:
Joey Kelly: Playwithyourmath.com  So excited to check these out!
David Petro: Deliberate practice
Benjamin Walker: Peer to Peer Math Partnership

Sunday AM:
Deb Boden: Mixed spaced homework
Anna Scholl: Good things coming to LearnZillion in August
Connie Haugneland: Update on this year's trip to Rwanda
Alli George: How to review for 3 straight hours - brain break - take 90 seconds to draw straight lines across a piece of paper, at least 4 lines, then pass out crayons and start coloring but the same color can't touch.  Ask questions, collect and analyze data.  How cool!  I want to color!
Anna Blinstein: Desmos AB Entrance Ticket asking about last night's homework
Sean Sweeney: Marbleslides.  I have used these but wow, so powerful to challenge the students to create their own.  He also has weekly challenges.
Elissa Miller: Two Nice Things - when someone says 1 mean thing, then must say 2 nice things, also Ask questions on Twitter - don't be afraid to ask or embarrassed.  It's a strength, not a weakness!
Sandra Miller:  Lesson planner at planbook.com
Anna Vance: Difference of Squares original rap (with a beat by Benjamin Walker)
Candace Bell: Designing superhero capes and the entire process
Glenn Waddell, Jr: Words Matter - change "students" to "learners" Change "guys".  Change "all" to "each".  Changing your words can change your behavior.


PM Presentations:

Thursday PM 1: Kathy and I went to Max and Malke's presentation.  We thought it was going to be dancing, but we were given rolled up newspaper sticks and tape and told to create.  We made the thing on the left below and when we picked it up, it surprised us all by turning into the shape on the right!


We learned about teacher moves.  We analyzed the geometry our groups used and then brainstormed new things to try and were given time to make another.  We made the sea urchin on the left.  So fun!  Going to try this in Geometry class this year.


Thursday PM 2:  I went to Mary William's presentation on Informative Formative Assessment.  I did know a lot of it already, but it was fun to learn new things in Kahoot like Jumble mode.  Going to check it out.

Friday PM 1:  I presented.  See this post

Friday PM 2:  Time to play math with Jamie, Molly, and Rachel.  They started with the "regular" two special right triangles and then gave us a 36:72:72 triangle and we got to play and discover some pretty cool trig things! 

Saturday PM 1:  I presented.  See this post.  I offered to post twice this year which I really enjoyed but it also meant I had to miss 2 sessions and a lot of goodness :(

Saturday PM 2 (really a flex session):   #clotheslinemath with Chris Shore.  I have used the clothesline in my room but mostly just to put things in order - fractions, decimals, logs, exponents.  He showed us it can be much more powerful and our minds were blown as he shown us vertical angles in geometry.  I couldn't help but think: It was the last Saturday of July at 4:30 pm and there were a roomful of math teachers with our minds being blown. So cool!  This will become my #1TMCThing  to merge it with my #1TMCThing last year of using #VNPS.  I am very excited to spend some time with this and blow my "learners' " minds.


4 Keynotes:  

Annie Fetter during Desmos precon:"Using Tech to Increase Conceptual Understanding in Algebra and Geometry".  Teach math as "things to experience" not just a telling of properties.  We looked at an interactive applet with 4 triangles and noticed and wondered about them.  Things do not have to be modern, but instead thoughtful.  First we should make sense --> reason --> communicate!

Grace Chen:  "The Politics ?? of Mathematics Teaching"
Grace's speech was inspirational and I was trying my best to be present and take it all in.

Graham Fletcher:  "All I Really Need to Know I Learned from the MTBoS"
Some of my take-aways:
Surround yourself with people smarter than me.
Be vulnerable.
Size matters.
We looked at the length of an apple peel and played with that a bit.
We looked at the spinning lady (I see clockwise, what do you see?) and he reminded us that my students might see math the other way.
All of us are smarter than one of us.

Carl Oliver: "Hitting the Darn 'Send' Button"
I first met Carl mid July as we were both new Desmos Fellows in San Francisco.  I had just received my mentee's name, Benjamin Walker, and he told me he was rooming with Carl.  So, I introduced myself and told him that Benjamin - his roommate - is my mentee.  Small world.  This was Carl's first time at TMC and I was impressed he was doing a keynote.  I know he was working on it while we were at camp and it was done purposely because it was so up-to-date with the #mtbos/#iteachmath debate and he used his new Desmos computation layer to do an AB activity with estimating how many people tweeted using the #mtbos hashtag.  He even went ahead and made a Roll Call of all people and when they first used the hashtag.  I was so excited to see I jumped on this train early on - in October 2013.   He spoke about "when" are we part of the #MTBoS.  He suggest preMTBoS people wanted to get better, wanted to put stuff together, wanted to be part of the conversation, wanted to open a window their classroom, and wanted to get feedback.  I do remember that feeling - am I part, am I not part.  And, then YOU just decide.  I AM part of #MTBoS.  I love part of his conclusion: "By making himself more vulnerable he actually feels less vulnerable." 

Thanks for reading!

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