Tuesday, August 1, 2017

#TMC17 Post 6: My Dinners and Evening Fun

#TMC17 Post 6: My Dinners and Evening Fun

Wednesday night started us off with the Desmos Happy Hour and the Rose and Crown Restaurant for drinks and yummy chicken wings and veggies.  I was a bit concerned I might still be hungry later, so I added my own dessert: Brownie Explosion:

Thursday night was our amazing Mentor/Mentee 1st timers dinner at Maggianos.  I explained Benjamin's Walker menu building process in his post here.  Here are the pictures:

Round 1: bruschetta                                                     Round 2: salad

Round 3: calamari                                                 Round 4: mussles

Round 5: mushroom and pasta                                 Round 6: something like ziti-D

Round 7: salmon                                                    Round 8: veal parm


Round 9: cheesecake                                                 Round 10: creme brulee

Our dinner group:                                                     Don't cry, Bob.  Just keep eating.

The Holy Innocents Episcopal School brought in different food trucks each day.  Yummy and thank you!

Here are our Massachusetts #TMC17 teachers representing.  Notice a new addition?  Hi Meg!  Welcome to MA!

David from Australia sharing his "Fairy Bread".  This is a treat at children's birthdays party.  Note David's shirt.  What's up with his clock?

What do teachers do at night at Math Camp?  Play with circles, triangles, and crochet:


Friday night dinner took us to Tupelo Honey.  Oh, my, Southern Food done right.  We shared some brushetta like thing but with avacado and another one of grilled brussel sprouts.  The five of us (Pam, Mary, Wendy, Kathy, and myself) shared 2 dinners of pancakes with buttered fried chicken on top with an egg on the side of course.  Delish!  I had a rosemary lemonade.


We made it back just in time for Trivia.  Thanks to Nicole, Nicole, David, Tara, Anna, Jasmine, Venetia, Kathy, and Mary.  We set a goal and we made it.  Above 50% correct.  Here's to 21/40!

Saturday night: Dinner at Under the Cork Tree.  This was Mediterranean food.  So scrumptious.  I had an amazing watermelon shrimp salad and shared a veggie pizza with Ali Grace.  Meg Craig swore by the churros and chocolate for dessert.  Kathy ordered the rice pudding.  The joke was it was "just okay but needed a chaser of churros".  Such a fun night out.  Thanks to everyone involved!

Saturday night was also game night.  I led our table in two games I brought - Crazy Letters and Linkee (a trivia game with 4 questions and you must figure out how they are linked).  I read (screamed) for 3 games and then played the last one and learned I was terrible at it.  But, so much fun!

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