Friday, August 25, 2017

My Totally #MTBoS Room - Thank you all!

As I was setting up my room this year I realized how much I use from my MTBoS friends (Math Twitter Blogosphere) and from TMC (Twitter Math Camp).  Thank you!  I am going to share pictures and hopefully include the correct acknowledgements.  If I missed you, please let me know. If I credited the wrong person, please let me know.  I want to give credit where credit is due.  I was almost afraid to #pushsend for fear of being wrong but Carl Oliver @carloliwitter made me do it!

Here's to 2017-2018 and my Lucky? 13th year of teaching: 

My pencil sharpening and sign out area with some reminders.  These are old signs.  I don't remember where they came from:

Next up:  Jigoku from David @DavidKButlerUofA at #TMC17 this summer.

Next up: Signs from Sarah @mathequalslove.

Next up: Marbleslides challenge made by Sean @SweenWSweens at #TMC17, posters by Jessica @Algebrainic1 and of course Desmos @desmos.  I updated my own code, changed "treats" to "prizes" because we aren't allowed to do food, and printed all 36 challenges and put them in page protectors in a binder.

Next up:  Birthday weekly recognition board from Heather @heather_kohn at #TMC16 My Favorites' presentation.
Correction: Hanna   @girl_got_range from #TMC16 presented this idea.  Heather had the idea to have the kids write birthday cards on index cards.  I just did this today.  

Next up:  Here these are all together.  A bit busy but oh well.

Next up: My Equations - not sure who did this one? Glenn W?

Next up:  Vertical and Horizontal around my doorway - again, I don't remember who to credit:

Next up: My Claim Is...My Warrant Is... From #TMC16 and Chris @Plspeak and Mattie @stoodle and there morning session called "Talk Less, Smile More" I hope to use it more this year in my geometry class:

Next up:  I had this Power of Yet sign made.

Next up:  This is my favorite poster.  I had it made into a banner.  I found the image online and loved it.  It is from Max @maxmathforum and Annie @MFAnnie.

Next up:  I had this poster made after taking a MOOC by Jo Boaler @@joboaler

Next up: Along my wall of windows, I hung a clothesline and clothespins up high to display my student projects using Desmos and conics to make their Conics' Projects.  Here are three. @desmos

Next up:  This is a Welcome Sign with white boards bought at Target last summer.  I think it was Sarah's idea??? @mathequalslove.  Each day I've gone in it has fallen down because of the duct tape on the cinder block.  Will need to find a new spot? or new holder?

Next up: I rescued this table from the side of the road.  My husband rounded the corners.  I printed of inspirational quotes and painted and modpodged it up.  Students like to work there during group work or free time.  Sometimes I will put a puzzle or game back there too.

Next up:  My calendar.  I keep this at the front of the room.  I just realized I need to add early release and stuff to the days.  The numbers are magnets.

Next up:  I think these are from Sarah @mathequalslove a few years ago.  The 8 Math Practices.  These are under my front board.

And, last, but definitely not least, my back boards ready for #VNPS year 2.  I have border hanging to divide the space and numbers hung up with magnets to represent the stations.  I have enough room for 9 stations with 3 kids each.  I did win a grant to get my homemade ones replaced by permanent ones.  Crossing my fingers installation happens on Monday or Tuesday.  Last year was my first year using #VNPS due to my #TMC16 1 Thing and I loved it.  The idea comes from Alex @AlexOverwijk and Peter @pgliljedahl.  Thank you!

Thanks for reading.  The "learners" (from Glenn @gwaddellnvhs at #TMC17 My Favorites) come next Wednesday.  My room is ready and I am almost ready.

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