Tuesday, August 1, 2017

#TMC17 Post 1: My TMC17 Scrapbook Story

#TMC17 Post 1: My TMC17 Scrapbook Story

Table of Contents:
A.) Foreword
B.) TMC17
C.) Links
D.) My Story
E.) TMC18: The Sequel

A.) Foreword: I am writing to capture and reflect on my experiences at Twitter Math Camp 2017.  A huge shout out and thank you to @kd5campbell - my colleague, travel companion, partner in crime, and friend.  Thank you for sharing in this fun week with me!  I took a lot of notes and pictures and will share them here for me to reflect, process, and remember this week.  And to share with my readers - some may have been at TMC, some may have been in #tmc17jealously camp like I was for years, and some may just be learning about TMC.  I invite into my math camp world.  Enjoy!

B.)  TMC17 - Twitter Math Camp 17 was held on Thursday, July 27-Sunday, July 30th, 2017 at Holy Innocents Episcopal School (HIES) in Atlanta - Sandy Springs to be exact.  A huge shout out to this amazing school community and @DanielForrester17 for hosting us.  We stayed at the Wyndhym Galleria Hotel about one mile from the school.  I traveled to Atlanta on Tuesday to do the touristy thing and attended the Desmos Preconference on Wed, July 26th.  There were about 200 teachers, coaches, and education leaders in attendance. 

C.)  TMC Links:

D.)  My Story's Table of Contents:
Post 2: My Traveling and Touring Tuesday
Post 3: My Morning Sessions 
Post 4: My Favorites, Presentations, and Keynotes
Post 5: My Mentee
Post 6: My Dinner and Evening Activities
Post 7: My Presentations
Post 8: My TMC17 Takeaways

E.)  #TMC18 - Interested?
It will take place July 19 - 22nd, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Follow @TmathC for more info and look for sign up in early February.  It is so worth it.  It is the BEST professional develop by teachers for teachers!

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