Sunday, July 17, 2016

My 1st #TMC16 - We made it! (TMC16 Series Part 1)

I will call this our arrival day and Saturday will be Day 1 of the "conference".

I have known about TMC - Twitter Math Camp since it started in 2012 but I have never been, so this is my first one!  I am so excited to have the opportunity to be here with amazing math minds!  I will try to reflect and share my experiences here.  I love pictures, so enjoy!

My colleague, Kathy, (@kd5campbell) and I met up with Tracy Zager (@TracyZager) from Maine at Logan and flew to Minneapolis, MN for TMC16.  When we arrived, we learned that Alison Hansel @ms_hansel was also on our flight and off we went into the big city.

We arrived safely at Augsburg College and checked into our (un-airconditioned) dorms.  Thank goodness it hasn't been too hot and we had two small fans in our room.

We book our flight before we knew that the Desmos Conference was on Friday so we unfortunately missed that but we met up with them for Happy Hour at a bar.  We ordered cheese curds as an appetizer.  They were delicious!

Our Friday night social outing was a Twins game, so we hoped on the Light Rail Train that is so easy and clean, it's awesome.  Target Stadium was so cool.  Too bad you are not allowed to go to or from your seat at any at bat.  We were about 1/2 mile high in the sky and I don't think we would bother the batter, but that was the rule.

Our TMC16 group even made the big screen.

I am playing Pokemon GO and there was a Drowsy at the game, too!

That's Friday.  More on Saturday's full day soon.

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