Saturday, July 23, 2016

TMC16 My Doodle Notes (#TMC16 Series Part 8)

I have seen more and more doodle/sketch notes around Twitter and figured I would try it at TMC.  I didn't know how many notes I would be taking.  I bought a pretty new notebook and 4 colored gel pens - green, red, blue, and purple, and off I went.

As I started to take them, I thought, hey this is pretty cool and fun.  Then, I continued to take them.  Then, I started to comments on them.  Then, I felt the pressure to be sure to capture everything the best I could because now I wasn't only taking notes for little old me but for everyone in my session, people who couldn't make the session and even the person giving the session.

Thanks came in the form of tweets, of course:

I apologize in advance if I spelled someone's name wrong or quoted something incorrectly.  I will post all my notes in order of appearance.  In another post I will do my take aways.

BTW: I loved the schedule.  True, it was a lot, but I loved having three mornings of the same session to dig into, to get to know the presenters and my classmates, to get to come back and follow up on the conversations from the day before.  I loved the 5 minute My Favorites - get a quick glimpse into something cool and allow to me to follow up and research more.  And, then the afternoon sessions were a nice hour long to get some more goodies in.  I liked the variety of the length of times.  

  • Opening Newbie Session by Julie Reulbach and Glenn Waddell: 
  • Morning 1/3 of TalkLessSmileMore by Chris Luz and Matt Baker: 
  • Saturday keynote: Jose Vilson:  
  • Saturday My Favorites: 
  • Saturday pm hour session "Get Triggy With It" by Kristen Fouss:
  • Saturday 2nd pm session "Problem Solving" by Wendy Menard:
  • Sunday morning My Favorites: Heather Kohn, David Sobol, and Anna Blinstein:
  • Sunday morning 2/3 session: TalkLessSmileMore:
  • Sunday afternoon My Favorites: Sam Shah, David Wees, and Connie Haugneland:
  • Sunday keynote: Tracy Zager: "What Do We Have To Learn From Others":
  • Sunday afternoon session: Make It Stick by Anna Vance:
  • Sunday 2nd pm session: 5 Practices for Orchestrating Math Discussions by Kerry Gruizenga and Tony Riehl:
  • Monday morning My Favorites: Joel Bezaire, Greg Taylor, Edmund Harris, The Math Forum:
  • Monday morning 3/3 session:  TalkLessSmileMore:
  • Monday afternoon My Favorites: Sara Vaughn, Brian Miller, Denis Sheeran:
  • Monday keynote: Dylan Kane: More Than Resources:
  • Monday afternoon session: Hunting the Elusive Rational Functions and Other Minds-On Rational Function Activities by Max Ray-Riek:
  • (I really like the picture with the folders.  He broke a polynomial denominator into its factors so you could see what was missing.  As he was explaining it to me, he thought it might be a better idea to make the -2 on two pieces of papers as 2 and -1. )
  • Monday flex session: Exeter Problems by Elizabeth and Jasmine
   = Two Hours of My Favorites:

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