Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My favorite project from this summer

I was out on a run and it happened to be trash day and I came upon a coffee table someone was throwing away.  It was a little dog chewed but it was cute.  It was painted blue and was probably 3'x3'.  I wanted it, inspired me to run home a bit faster.  I came home and got my husband and the van and we went on a mission to save this table.  We got there just before the trash truck.

My husband rounded off the dog-eaten corners.  I sanded the table up a bit and painted it green for our school colors.  Then, I went to pinterest and found my favorite quotes, uploaded them to snapfish, ordered some pictures, and mod podged them on. 

I have a bunch of kids each year who ask "can we sit and work in the hall".  My hall is a nice quiet dead end, so I usually let them.  But, now I have a cute little work station where they can sit on the floor or maybe a few throw pillows and have the table to work on. 

Here are a few shots.  I love it!

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  1. Show-off. :))

    The table turned out so cute. I love it, Jennifer!