Thursday, August 15, 2013

Creative Juices are flowing

Nothing like a good workout - 4 mile run followed up with a 6 mile bike ride to get my creative juices flowing.  I couldn't bike home fast enough to write them down before I forgot them.  Here is what I came up with this morning - a lot of my summer ideas for projects for school involved doing math - go figure!

I went to Dick's sporting goods to shop for football stuff for my son.  We had two coupons and wanted to use one.  I will do up a problem with pictures once I get back to Dick's to take the pictures.  How can I save money?

I think I am going to look on Craigslist for a cash register because I have a group of 7 seniors I will be teaching and we can "play" restaurant and have someone be the waiter, take the order, total it, figure out tax, the people eating would figure out how to split the bill and what the tip should be.  I don't know about my fellow math teachers, but this always turns out to be my job when we are out to eat.

I found a table and am going to redo it and cover it with pictures of quotes.  = math problems - how many pictures to order? 

And, those 2x2 white boards I made yesterday, I am going to go back to Home Depot to take a picture of the cost of the board, then onto AC Moore to buy more Duct Tape and take a picture of the cost and ask - how much will it cost to make the boards.

Also, inspired by #HowToLearnMath, I pieced together a quote I will put in a nice font and make a poster.

    so you will wonder,
    so you will try, and
   so you will believe you can succeed.

Off to school to pick up my new Apple laptop :)

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