Friday, August 16, 2013

literally...a whiteboarding problem + a football bonus (QRs too)

I bought the materials for making group white boards then I decided to turn it into a math problem.  I put it on google docs and made a QR code for it.   Hopefully this will work.  QR codes are so easy to generate.  This is a static one but apparently there are new "dynamic" QR codes.  I haven't looked into that.  You need a QR reader on phone or computer to read it.  I-Nigma is a free app for the phone to read it.

If you can't do the QR code thing, try harder.  And, if you still don't succeed, here is the problem on my google docs. 

White Boarding Math Problem

I also did one for Dick's Sporting Goods as my son and I were shopping for football stuff.  We had two coupons and wanted to save money. 

QR code for this:
 And google link if it doesn't work:  Dick's Sporting Goods - football questions

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