Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My #TMC18 My Favorites and Keynotes

I love the schedule of #TMC in general and My Favorites is one of my favorite parts.

It is 3 days long with 3 morning sessions that you commit to.  They are two hours each day.
From 9-9:30 am each day, we have My Favorites sessions where people can speak for 5 or 10 minutes on a My Favorite from their teaching.

There are more My Favorites from 1-1:30 pm each day and we finish with 2 hours of My Favorites on the 4th day from 9 am - 11 am.
It is a great opportunity for people (new and old) to get a taste of what it is like to present in front of people.  This year went really smoothly because Jami Packer @JamiDanielle put each of the sessions into a google slide show and had each presenter just link to it.  In the past years, each person would bring their computer up and hook up and hope the technology worked.  It was so smooth this year.  Thank you.

There is also a keynote speaker each day.  I didn't get many notes on the first one because I was just trying to listen and be present.

I love to take color coded notes, so this is what I have.  I did include a link to mine on Friday morning.  One thing I spoke about (yes, it is My Favorite, but I mentioned 3) was using memes each day in Geometry.  I will be putting together a google slide of my memes and sharing soon.

Wednesday was Desmos pre-conference and they brought us Robert Q. Berry, III, PhD, also known as the President of NCTM.  Here are my notes on his keynote: (It should say Desmos Pre-Conference Keynote, not Twitter keynote) 2020 will be NCTM's 100th birthday:

Wednesday's Desmos Keynote by Eli Luberoff @eluberoff - brief but fun as he revealed the ability for teachers to take screenshots of students' work in the dashboard and snapshot it in order to further facilitate discussions:

Thursday pm My Favorites:

Friday am My Favorites:
My Favorites Link

Friday pm My Favorites:

Friday Keynote: Julie Reubach @jreulbach

Saturday am My Favorites:

My Favorites Link 

Google Link of Memes

Saturday pm My Favorites:

Saturday Keynote: Edmund Harris @gelada, John Golden @mathhombre, Glenn Waddell @gwaddellnvhs

Sunday am My Favorites:




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