Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My #TMC18 Afternoon Sessions

This is to share about my afternoon sessions at #TMC18:

The Desmos Preconference was on Wednesday.  I don't have notes of the first two sessions because I was playing with Desmos, but the third session I went to was about using Desmos to give assessments by Julie Reulbach @jreulbach and Jonathan Clayton @rawdimus.  They presented this at the 2nd Desmos fellowship but I didn't get to go to that session so I was happy they presented it again.  Thanks.

My takeaways: Give this with a paper and pencil as well. Be sure to take the test itself to make the answer key within the dashboard. Can randomize choices. Make new codes for each class.  Hit PAUSE at the end to stop kids from doing more later.

Thursday Keynote by Marian Dingle: @Dingleteach
My takeaway is we need to de-center ourselves so we can see the genius and gifts of all our children.

My first session on Thursday afternoon was by Amie:

I chose this session because I wanted to do math, so my notes are some thinking.  I will use the checker board problem - Prove there are 204 squares on a checker board and the dice problem.  If you stack dice, what will the sum of the bottom and unseen middle sides be.

My second session on Thursday was by Brian Miller:
I drew an eye.  I will be using this in my Geometry class.

My afternoon session on Friday was:

Got to play more with Geometry on Desmos - no notes.

My second afternoon session on Friday was:

Super secret - no notes to share as they were showing us a sneak peak behind the scenes of the HS math Illustrative Mathematics.  It isn't ready yet, but we looked at their curriculum - the order, the questions, the activities.  Can't wait for it!

My first session on Saturday was:

Bob was showing us how to use games to "get to" the more boring type of math like playing a dice game to build a need for compound inequalities, a bead activity to graph and look at rational functions and the Mystery Number Game to discover e.  Again my notes are a lot of playing and may not make sense but you can reach out to Bob if you want more.

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

My second session on Saturday was: a Flex Session (last minute)
I went to Annie Perkins, Megan Schmidt, and Stephen Weimar's session on Islamic Art.  I made this and I WILL be making more.  This is one picture's progression:  I will be doing this is Geo as well!

Thanks for reading.

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