Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My #TMC18 Experience

I just spend last week in Cleveland at #TMC18.  If you get a chance to go to Cleveland, I recommend it.  It has so much character.  The houses are so cute, all with little front porches, all different designs.  There are so many restaurants, cafes, breweries.  It is a very walkable city.  It is right on Lake Erie.  It has all sports areas.  It has an airport.  All right there.

My husband, Rick, and my colleague, Kathy, and I rented a car and drove from Hopkinton, MA to Cleveland on Monday, June 16th.  We left around 8:30 and arrived about 7:30 after stopping for lunch, dinner, and one more bathroom break.  It was literally Rt. 90 the entire way.  It was quite boring, but easy.  I will admit I only drove for about an hour.  I get so sleepy when I drive.

Tuesday was our sightseeing day.  We went to The Christmas Story House (highly recommended) and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Wednesday was the Desmos preconference where I spent time with the Geometry aspect of Desmos.  I am very excited for the new snapshot option in Desmos.  I use snapshots all the time on my apple, but this looks really easy to use within the teacher dashboard.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning Kathy and I presented.

Here is the blog post: My #TMC18 Morning Sessions

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Link to My My Favorites

Link to a Google Doc of all my Memes for Geometry

The food was so good.  It deserved it's own post: My #TMC18 Food

And, a blog post about: My #TMC18 Afternoon Sessions

Thank you for reading.  I had to get it all out now before I forget.  I love to look back on these blog posts throughout the year.

As we leave #TMC18 with a ton of good things, we are asked to pick just 1 and make it our #1TMCThing and check in in October to see if we are following through.  Two years ago, it was to use VNPS and I have done that a million times over.  Last year, it was to use Clothesline Math which I did not get to.  I bought the stuff but just didn't have the time to spend with it.  I still hope to.  I will be honest, I am not sure what my 1 thing will be.  I think it will be to play more in Geometry.  I teach an Accelerated Geometry course which doesn't have much wiggle room, but I will have a new to me College Prep class this year. I want to play with geometry more - I will have them draw the eyeball I did.  I will have them make Islamic Art in class.  I will have them use Desmos Geometry.  Yep, I just convinced myself.  My statement:

My #1TMCThing is to play more in Geometry class.  Thanks for reading.

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