Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My #TMC18 Food

Oh my!  The food in Cleveland is so good.  It is so flavorful!

We stayed in an airbnb so we did save some money on making breakfast at "home".

On Monday night, arrived in Willoughby Brewing Company, and went to a delicious brew pub in the pouring rain for dinner - burgers, mac and cheese, and I had bruschetta chicken.  So good.

Tuesday was our sightseeing day, we went to The Christmas Story House in the morning.  It is my husband's favorite Christmas movie and we had the best tour guide ever.  She was young, passionate, and knowledgeable.  I told her she would make a great teacher.  We picked up Amie Albrecht @nomad_penguin and Mary Williams @merryfwilliams at the hotel for lunch at Melt.  My husband has been to Cleveland before and wanted to be sure to get to Melt again. Heaven!  All different grilled cheeses. 

On Tuesday night, we wandered around and had a hard time finding a place that was actually open.  We ended up at Cleveland Bar and Grill.  We tried meatball bombs for an appetizer at the waitress's recommendation.  So delicious.  It was a meatball, wrapped in mozzarella cheese, then flash fried!  We had pizza, burger, and flatbread among the three of us.

On Wednesday, Desmos provided breakfast and yummy lunch.
Dinner on Wednesday was at the Market Garden Brewery for Desmos Happy Hour.  My husband, Kathy, and I shared 3 appetizers.  Jen Abel @abel_jennifer convinced us to try Scotch Eggs:

And, the mussels.  Oh, it was all so different and flavorful!

On Thursday, we had lunch at Great Lakes Brewery.  Kathy and I connected with Annie Fetter @MFAnnie, Anna Scholl @mathteachscholl, David Petro @davidpetro314, Kevin (don't know your twitter handle), and Michelle Nadeu @park_star. I had a great chicken pesto sandwich and while trying to save the french fries as the waitress handed me my plate, I lost my Coke and wore it all in my lap.  Oh well. 

Thursday dinner was our 1st timers' dinner and I was Becky's @BeckyNftP mentor.  So bummed I didn't get a picture of us to share.  Thanks for Sam @samjshah2 for organizing this dinner again!  Dinner was at Flannery's Pub.  Also at our table were a few other newbies.  Edmund Harris @Gelada and John Golden @mathhombre, and Jason Kissel @MrKisselMATH and then - was it Brad and his wife - I think that was your name.  Let me know so I can update (I'm embarrassed to not remember)

Friday, lunch was at The Flying Fig We had lunch with Mary Williams again and Pam Wilson @pamjwilson.  We had pork tacos.  My husband had a chicken shnitzel sandwich and I had a turkey sandwich - again, huge and flavorful.  I think everything we had all week had bacon on it!

Friday dinner, trying to squeeze it in before 7 pm trivia, we stayed local and Kathy and I joined Nicole Hansen @nleehansen, Wendy Menard @wmukluk, and Allison Krasnow @allison_krasnow for a repeat dinner at the Great Lakes Brewery because it was close, outside seating, and so tasty!  Now that I look back on dinner with Allison, we were asking each other where we thought #TMC19 might be and I don't know HOW Allison kept that poker face and did NOT spill the beans.  Kudos to you for keeping this huge secret. 

Saturday lunch, we hit Cosmic Dave's for subs with the cosmic sauce.  These were juicy, messy sandwiches that were so good!

Saturday night, we went back to near Flannery's Pub and went to Zocalo for Mexican.  They even had mango, bacon guacamole!

I think I gained a million pounds, but so much good food with good friends, so it was worth it.
Oh, and don't let me fool you with all these names - I am doing this the day after TMC so I don't forget but I still had to go to Twitter and the @tmathc list for names and handles as well as the TMC program.  I am terrible with names.  :)

Time to exercise!

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