Sunday, February 18, 2018

Feb 18 #MTBoSBlog18

This is part 2 of my #MTBoSBlog18 series, when I am blogging on the 18th of each month during 2018.

It seems like Jan 18th was long ago and I have been anxiously February 18th since Christmas.  My amazing 4 sons got me an unbelievable Christmas present - a plane ticket to go to Florida to see my parents who live there.  I was shocked when I opened the present and speechless.  One ticket, just for me.  They have lived there for 6 years and I haven't visited.  They come up once or twice a year for special occasions.  I have sent my kids to visit, but I can never afford the plane ticket to visit them because tickets are crazy expensive during school vacation week and I really don't want to visit in the hot summer.  I invited a friend to come along (my husband can't take the time off).

It is a lot to plan to go away for the week - plan for school, for family stuff, and for the trip itself.

For school, I gave 6 quizzes and tests this past week.  My goal was to have them all graded by Friday at 2 pm so it wouldn't hang over my head.  DONE!  My Algebra 1 and 2 classes finished up with tests which means that I need to be ready to go in to Mondays with a new unit which brings a new calendar, new lessons, and in Algebra 1, the catapult project.  DONE!  My geometry class is new to me and I am teaching transformations on Monday and that is DONE!  Boom!

There are two reasons I am still thinking about school on this Saturday night - one I had to get all my class VNPS pictures off my phone to get more room for pictures, so I had to blog along with them.  DONE!  Here are my new geometry blog posts:

Law of Sines
Law of Cosines and bearings
Formative assessment

The other reason is to blog on the 18th.

So, school stuff is good to go and after I type this I will stop thinking about school stuff and recharge - much needed!

My family stuff - I felt like I was nesting when I was getting ready to have each of my babies.  My laundry is done.  I made a huge think of white chicken chili for dinner tonight so they could have some leftovers.  I do my grocery shopping once each week, taking inventory of what I have and what I need and planning dinners for each night.  But, NOPE, not this week!  I am NOT making a grocery list and NOT going grocery shopping.  All 5 of my guys are perfectly capable to doing it, so I am letting them.  It is a rare week about of the last 26 years that I am not grocery shopping!

And, my trip stuff.  I checked in online.  My bag is packed.  I am not leaving until 11 am tomorrow, so I have some more time to pull some stuff together.  My most important things are my books.  Here is my plan.  I am reading Allegedly for our YA adult book club I have on Feb 25th.  It is about a young teen girl who lives in a group home for allegedly killing her baby sister.  Not the light, fluffy, pool/beach book I was looking for.  I am hoping I can make some progress in the morning and on the plane.  Then, I will read the other three.

The week - my parents live in a great neighborhood and my dad is the association's president.  He calls Bingo on Wednesday, so we will go to that.  They live near Siesta Keys beach, so we will go there.  My dad wants to take us to the Riverwalk and to see the manatees.  After that, it is all beach and pool and reading and relaxing!

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