Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Binder Clip Zipline in Alg 2

I am going to try Binder Clip Zipline in Algebra 2 this Friday before our February break.  We are testing on Thursday and I have one period left.  After break, we will start right triangle trig.  They have had it in Geometry.  I want them to refresh their memories.

I do Barbie Bungee in Algebra 1 and wanted to do Barbie Zipline like some other teachers.  (Here is Lisa's post.). But, I only have yarn and Barbie seems too heavy for it.  I don't have more than one period.  I am not going outside to do the flagpole, just using the height of our whiteboards, so I am going with simply the binder.

I am leaving it open ended, no worksheet.  I will tell them the objective is to make it a fun and safe trip (not too slow or too fast or too scary).  They have to aim to get their clip to the edge of the desk.

I will ask them to think about it first and draw out what measurements they think they need and show me.  Then, they can get the supplies and test it.  I will allow them to make corrections and submit a final drawing to me with measures.  Then, we will test all of them in class.

Here's my write up.

I am not sure about the level of difficulty - too hard or too easy or the timing - too long or too short, but we will give it a try and figure it out.

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