Friday, February 16, 2018

Binder Clip Zipline in class

Day before February vacation....We did the Binder Clip Zipline in class.  I told my students I wasn't sure how it was going to go - too hard, too easy, too short, or too long, but it was just right.  I wouldn't say it was super thrilling, but they were measuring and making adjustments.  It was interesting to watch the groups work.  Some placed the desk first, some moved the height of the magnet.  One group made theirs have 30,60, 90 angles and another went with 45,45,90.  I called the winner the one that calculated their angle last.  They knew what their height and desk distance were to be and their angle ended up being the safest.  They even added a board eraser at the end for clip safety.

Objective: Make a safe and fun zipline ride for the binder clip.

Here are some pictures:

The prep:

An artist's rendering:



Next: Eraser for safety. (Look at all those math tools)

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