Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Teaching Geometry - Practice Right Tri Trig #VNPS

I knew I had a lot in yesterday's lesson and I had today's lesson as a day of processing and practicing.  We were back at the board to do special right triangle trig with special right triangles and points on a plane.  I think it went okay.  I think they are getting the ratios now.

Here is the powerpoint lesson: Practice Right Triangle Lesson

Here are the board problems: Practice Trig Board

Here I asked them to draw and label a 30:60:90 triangle.  Then, I asked them to find sines and tangents:

Here was same triangle, different student, different questions: 
(These students wanted to be in the picture.)

Then, I switched to the 45:45:90 triangle:  We also looked at writing inverse:

Here we looked at both special triangles together:

We were running out of time, but we graphed the magnetic graph and put a point on the coordinate plane to introduce finding the ratios given a point and the idea of a reference angle:

Tomorrow: Law of Sines

This is a HEAVY unit!

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