Friday, September 12, 2014

Thursday and Friday Activities

I was concerned about keeping up the fun activities, but it was another good day.

I have a small class of 6 in an alternative math class with all different math backgrounds.  We are doing Estimation 180 each day.  I let the one student come up and play teacher to lead the discussion and enter the answers into the computer.  I am enjoying watching them. 

Next, we did cheesemonkey's number bootcamp here: Bootcamp game.  It is a board game.  I used a coin to flip for heads to be positive and tails to be negative, then a dice to tell them how many spaces to go, a numberline as the board, and cards with problems.  I thought it might have too many parts but they did great.  And, I learned that they are better with negative numbers than I thought.  Some good feedback. 

In Accelerated Algebra 2, I am continuing with the activities.  I introduced piecewise functions.  First with a cut and paste Piecewise Investigation (sorry, I borrowed it, but can't remember from whom).  And, then we did an Around the World Piecewise thing with the kids given a piecewise function, then find its matching graph.  The kids were up and moving and answering each other's questions.  It was a fun Friday activity.

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