Thursday, September 4, 2014

#1st Day of School

Yeah, Me!  I am starting my 10th year of teaching.  It has gone by fast....

Finally!  I think we are the last school to start.  I have been working hard to get my room and lessons ready, so I was ready when the kids came.  Here is a look:

My agenda as they walk in:
1st up: I greet them at the door and give them an index card that they can write on and solve a 1 variable equation for x.  The solution is the numbered desk they should sit at.  I have done this for 10 years and really like it.  Gets the kids working right away and talking to each other and asking me for help:
Little tour of my room, what the kids saw:  1st, a work station, my cups are set up for the cup challenge:
My teacher desk:
A little table I made last summer and pink chairs I found this summer - all picked from the trash and recycled:
Here are some conics problems via @desmos from last year.  And, my Mindset poster:

This is my pencil sharpener, sign out area:
 I love color coding.  Here are my notes for today:
In Algebra I, we did Bucky Badger.  In Algebra 2, we did the cup challenge

 After a quick explanation of rules/policies/syllabus/communication, we played 31-derful (arrange 5 rows and 5 columns so they each add to 31) and I showed a video of 8 Awesome Things About My Summer. (I made this in keynote but can't figure out how to share it).

I have 2 preps now before 5 in a row tomorrow, so back to work. 

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