Monday, September 15, 2014

Disney Project Time

I love doing the Disney Project in my Algebra I class.  It is my favorite class of the year.  I blogged about the details of it here last year Disney 2013

It is early in the year.  The kids get to pick their groups of 3 or 4 and they are off to work.  They are excited and engaged and the conversations are just priceless.

They get $8000 to plan a week's trip to Disney.  Some groups drive and some fly.  You would think I was asking them to go on $200.  Some of the conversations overheard today:

"We will eat all our meals at McDonald's.  For breakfast, we will all get Egg McMuffins.  For lunch, we will split a four piece chicken nuggets."

"Let's get a Prius so we don't have to pay for gas."

"The parents are old, so they get a senior citizen discount."

"Do they all have to go to the park or can someone be sick?"  (to save money on park tickets)

"Let's stay in the cheapest, dingiest hotel on the way down."

"Can we use our airmiles?"

I reminded them to account for parking if they needed to.  "Do people actually plan that way and have to plan for parking ahead of time?"

"Can a friend drive us to the airport?"

The kids are ages 10 and 15.  When looking at park ticket prices - "Oh, so age does matter?!"  When looking at airfare, "Age doesn't matter?"

Lots of funnies today.  I can't wait to see the final products.  They only get 1.5 weeks to do this.  I told them some people can plan for 6 months to a year and I didn't want them to get too carried away.

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