Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I love laminating! My color coded conics!

A big shout out to our librarians for all their laminating!  I love them and I love laminating.  I may be the only teacher who uses it, but that is okay.

I worked a lot over last week's vacation getting an Algebra 2 lesson on conics ready.  I haven't taught conics before, so I wanted to get it all in place.  I made my calendar and assigned homework problems.  I did each of the homework assignments to make sure they were appropriate.  I emailed Cindy Johnson for her conics cards after I read about the conic cards here as well as using the conic flow chart of that blog.  I cut printed them on colored paper, cut them out, had the library laminate them, and cut them out again.  They are ready for use.  Here are the rolls and rolls of cards:

I made some foldables for each conic according to our book.  The kids will find them out the night before and come to class ready to do the conic cards and some practice.  Almost flipped but not quite.
Here are my pretty color coded foldables:  Here is the file: Conic Foldables  It is my first time doing foldables:
And, I will do some wax paper with parabolas.  I also laminated some graph paper so we can put it on top of some cardboard, add tacks and string to make ellipses. 
Finish it all off with this conic project from Bob Lochel: Conics Project  My kids love using desmos and are getting better restricting their domain so I think this will be great.  I can't wait to see how creative they are. 

This full lesson came together with all the help of blogs - I love it!

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  1. Ooooh! I can't wait to hear about making the ellipses with tacks and string! And, I like the idea of finishing off with a conics project. That's definitely something I want to add next year!