Sunday, March 9, 2014

My conics unit

This was the first time I have taught conics in my Algebra 2 class.  I loved creating a new unit, finding all the good stuff on the internet and putting it together.  Now, I will need to do the same for all the trig stuff.

Anyways, I almost had too much for conics, but here are a few fun things we did with conics:

When we did parabolas, the idea of focus and directrix was new, so we used waxed paper to create our own parabolas.  A quick and easy, yet powerful activity:

When we learned ellipses - why do they have two foci?  This drawing activity helped them grasp it.  I love setting up activities like this that will last over the years.  I took graph paper and laminated it.  I collected the box tops to our copy paper to use as little tables.  We put the graph paper on top and put 2 push pins in for the foci.  I used wet erase markers.  I was going to use string but couldn't find it at Lowe's.  I found something else but it didn't work so a colleague recommended floss - perfect.  I cut them out and tied them ahead of time.  Don't make them too big or it will go off the box top.  I had my spray bottles to clean them.  Here is my box of supplies and a finished result. 

I mentioned conic cards from Cindy Johnson.  We sorted a different conic each day.  This picture shows the kids doing all 4 conics in groups of four.  They were really good at it.
I think putting all of these together did the kids well.  We have a day of review and then a quiz, so we shall see. 

Now, to find lots of goodies for trig, trig graphs, and trig identities....hint, hint....

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