Saturday, February 8, 2014

Making up for no January Blog...

All January I was feeling like a bad blogger.  I love to read math blogs and I love seeing my favorites post new posts.  But, in January, I just didn't have anything to share. But, then I kind of decided, I was like a mad scientist busy at work.  So, when I came home this morning from the gym and no one was home - none of my four kids, not my husband, and most importantly not the two crazy dogs - I thought, ahhhhh, I can blog!

Thanks to @Justinaion for giving me the ideas for Daily Math Man drawings.

And, thanks to @wmukluk for finally getting me to sign up for dropbox.  Now, to figure out how to get them into my blogs.  (I just typed my other blog posts and figured out dropbox.  It is so easy, I love it! Thanks Wendy!)

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