Saturday, February 8, 2014

3 Math Man Daily Drawings

I don't know how @JustinAion does his blog posts of Math Man Daily, but here are three of my past ones.  I have to say I love them and I think the kids do too.  I am doing these in my Accelerated Algebra 2 kids with really bright, creative sophomore students.  They tell me they like the ones that can be punny.  They even ask me in the hallway what will be next.  I am enjoying this and hope to be able to keep it up.
Design a tattoo for Math:

Notice i for eyes.
I heart Ellen (as in Degeneres)
"Insert BGao here" is a really smart kid at our school.
A log on the right arm (I thought it was a trash can)

If Math went on vacation, where would he go? (I don't think these need any explanations.)

And, they really liked this one, what is Math's theme song?  They thought "logs" could be substituted into any song title for the word "Love".  There are some good ones here:

 Hmmm, what will Monday bring?

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  1. I love the idea of having the man and letting the students add the tattoos!